Read Story Y/N of the Sharingan (Discontinued)

Y/N of the Sharingan (Discontinued)

Author: Mxdachi

Status: Writing

Update: 07-06-2022

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First Phase - Finished
(Prologue to Chapter 55.6)

Fifteen years after the Fourth Great Ninja War many of the Shinobi's that helped in stopping Uchiha Madara for trying to put an Infinite Tsukuyomi into the World, Defeating Kaguya Otsutsuki and The Legendary fight of Naruto and Sasuke at the valley of the end, a new story starts with a boy named Uchiha (Y/N)

Second Phase - Ongoing
(Chapter 56 - ?)

Y/N has escaped prison and made new comrades, Code and Eida along with some outer members of Kara. Y/N is on his journey to fullfill his Eye of the Moon plan that would benefit both sides of humanity, giving them pleasant dreams in an eternal slumber. With humanity being in an eternal slumber, will Y/N really achieve his goal, a pure world with no sinners?

Final Phase - Unreleased

Highest Rankings:

#2 in naruto (11-13-20)
#92 in hinata (7-5-21)
#49 in narutoshippuden (7-5-21)

List Chapter

Bio and Prologue

Chapter 1: First Day

Chapter 2: Metal Lee

Chapter 3 Transfer Student

Chapter 4: Sumire's Stalker

Chapter 5: Sumire

Chapter 6: Shin Uchiha

Episode 8 Bonds

Episode 9 Class Field Trip

Episode 10 Mist Village

Episode 11 Rescuing Denki

Episode 12 Kagura

Episode 13 Declaration of War

Episode 13.5 The Awakening

Bio 2.0

Episode 14 Graduation Exams

Episode 15 Teams

Episode 16 Byakuya Gang

Episode 17 White Zetsu

Episode 18 Chunin Exams Preparations Part 1

Episode 19 Chunin Exams Preparations Part 2

Episode 20 Chunin Exams Round 1

Episode 21 Chunin Exams Round 2

Episode 22 Chunin Exams Round 3

Episode 23 Otsutsuki Invasion

Episode 24 Rescuing the Hokage

Episode 25 Closest Friend

Episode 26 Aftermath

Episode 27 Mitsuki's Disappearance

Episode 28 Orochimaru

Episode 29 Team 10

Episode 30 Trials of Ryuchi Cave

Episode 31 The Truth

Episode 32 Tracker

Episode 33 The Reunion

Episode 34 Hidden Stone Village

Bio 3.0

Episode 35 Ohnoki and Ku

Episode 36 Kako

Episode 37 Clash: Kirara

Episode 38 Mitsuki's Return

Episode 39 Team 7 vs Ku

Episode 40 The New Girl

Episode 41 Joint Mission

Episode 42 Jugo's Curse Mark

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Chapter 43: Return

Chapter 44: Hashirama Cells

Chapter 45: Land of Silence

Chapter 46 Lady Sakuya

Chapter 47: Forbidden Jutsu

Chapter 48: Forbidden Jutsu II

Chapter 49: Mission Failed

Chapter 50: New Life

Chapter 50.5: Separating Ways

Chapter 51: Massacre

Chapter 52: Darkness

Chapter 53: Hokage Rescue Mission


Chapter 54: Boro

Chapter 55: Prison

Chapter 55.5: Code and Eida

Chapter 55.6 and Bio Update

Chapter 56: Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan

Chapter 56.5: True Colors

Chapter 57: Start of a New Secret Terrorist Group

Chapter 58: Mental Disorder?

Chapter 59: Parasite

Chapter 59.5: Parasite II

Chapter 60: Dream

Chapter 61: Dark Hours

Chapter 62: Back at the Leaf

Chapter 63: Kei

Chapter 64: New Leader of Kara

Chapter 65: Y/N of the Akatsuki

Chapter 66: Top Konoha Jonin

Chapter 67: Rinnegan

Chapter 68: Assault on the Leaf (I)

Chapter 69: Amenominakanushi

Chapter 69.5: The End of an Era

Bio Update

Chapter 70: Mangekyo Sharingan

Chapter 71: Assault on the Leaf (II)

Chapter 72: Assault on the Leaf (III)

Chapter 73: End of the Kages

Chapter: 73.5: A Side Discovered

Chapter 74: Love Hurts