Author: Asterial_melina

Status: Writing

Update: 23-08-2023

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Aria Zaman Durrani was too childish, too careless for her own good, a total Misfit to attain the title of 'Nawab Begum' and that was the reason Nawab Jahangir Riyaz Durrani rejected her.

It was then she gets engaged to Arhaan Raizada, who was a total prince charming according to her.

Everything was going fine until one fateful night which tied 'Miss Misfit' with the mighty Nawab of the Durrani Riyasat in a sacred bond but he was determined to keep it a secret.


Join the journey of the mighty Nawab Jahangir Riyaz Durrani, with Miss Misfit and his plans not to fall for her...Ever!

But he does.

And now he is unable to let her go. He is ready to burn the world and tear it apart to show his claim over her and show them that she is UNDENIABLY HIS.