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The Luna's Last Choice

Author: deehdoe

Status: Full

Update: 09-12-2019

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Daniel Wood is the Alpha of the Bluewood pack. He has one goal in life and that is to never repeat his father's mistake. His father had given away his heart to a woman who was not his mate and that made Daniel determined to never look at any woman who wasn't his mate twice. He thought it was the perfect plan. No misfortune could hit him if he stayed faithful to the mate who was yet to come.


Well, fate had other plans for him. Focused on his destination, he inadvertently hurt many hearts on the way and one of those souls was special, very special to his wolf---------Reanna Williams, the kid he had brushed away when she had served her heart in a platter to him.

When time makes him realize what he lost, it drives him to the brink of insanity. He's determined to bring home the woman who is rightfully his.
Only with changing times, her priorities have changed too. He's no longer the centre of her universe. He might have been her first choice but that doesn't mean he's her last. And it's the Luna's last choice that matters.

Oh! And did I mention?

He's a werewolf.........she's a vampire.


Daniel Wood has waited all his life for his mate & Reanna Williams has waited all her life for him to notice her.