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Stay - Mattheo Riddle

Author: adira_argent

Status: Writing

Update: 18-09-2023

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Cursed to live over and over again, falling in love with Slytherins over the decades. It was practically destiny for Kirra Potter and Mattheo Riddle to end up together, but will it turn out how they want it to? After all, fate doesn't care about your plans.

"I told you. I'm here for the girl, not you. All you have to do is hand her over" the smile on the man's face only grew, causing the aura around the room to become even more sinister.

Mattheo stayed in front of the girl protectively as she laid on the ground, barely breathing "and I told you. Over my dead body"

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Dudders Birthday

Thanks amigo's

The Letters

Hagrid the Giant

Malfoy and Riddle


Minerva McGonagall

The Sorting Hat

The Potions Professor

The Hair Pin

Hufflepuffs new seeker

Sweet Revenge


Gryffindor V Slytherin

Gryffindor wins


You are the moon, and yet... I am the darkness

The Mirror of Erised

Mattheo's desire

Hufflepuff V Gryffindor

Easter holidays


Bye Bye Norbert


The first encounter

Who would want to live a cursed life

End of year 1

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Stolen letters

Section 13 of the ICWSS

You look just like her


Back to Hogwarts

Blue eyed Slytherin

Everybody needs somebody

Nott and Potter

Nimbus 2001

Deny Deny Deny

Enemies of the heir, beware



Moaning Myrtle

The second boy

Hufflepuff v Gryffindor 2


Not who, but how

Mr Douchebag

Admitted Feelings

Duelling Champion

Christmas 2.0


The Diary of Tom Riddle

The Game is Cancelled

Saved by The Bell

Wand Point

The Truth

Over My Dead Body

The Death of Ophelia Winston

Brother of The Year Award Goes To...

I love you too

The Prisoner of Azkaban Begins

Aunt Marge

Familiar Eyes


Jasper Rowle

Percy the HB

Moony and Stripes Reunited at Last

Home at last

The Grim


He Took Everything From Me

Resurfaced Memories

The Boggart


She Remembers

16th of October


Sleeping Bags

Another Era

Time Out

Because I love him Minnie

The Marauders Map

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Sudden Coldness

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Wand Weighing

Can we talk?

You're Mine

They need you

How did you do that?

Friends Again

Helping Hand



Slytherin Party

Don't stress love

I will not dance

Chapter 150

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merpeople with giant seahorses

Seeing Padfoot

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Em, Reg, Barty and Evan

Three Broomsticks

Viktor Krum

Mr Crouch has gone Mad


Constant Vigilance

Another vision

I should have listened to Sirius

Trial of The Lestranges and Bartemius Crouch Junior


Unexpected Visitors

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Flesh, Blood, and Bone

Family of The Dark Lord

Untie him, and I'll kill her next

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Unfamiliar Place