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My Quarterback | Book I ✔️

Author: megaannicolee

Status: Full

Update: 10-03-2021

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WARNING: I wrote this when I was in high school, which was about seven/eight years ago. That reflects so much in the writing of this book.

Best friends Ellie Nichols and Colton Davis were inseparable all their lives. They stuck by each other throughout middle school and high school, all the way until they were accepted into separate colleges. Colton was offered a full scholarship for football while Ellie wanted to stay closer to home at a smaller community college. They had promised to stay in touch, but all promises are made to be broken. They lose contact and the only way Ellie sees her best friend anymore is watching him play on t.v. But all of that changes when Ellie's counselor gives her a big surprise, a letter of acceptance to the same school where Colton plays football. But with Ellie the teams athletic trainer, will it bring her closer to her best friend, or will something come between them?
#15 Teen Fiction 9/23/2015