Read Story Mend (Care Duet, #2)

Mend (Care Duet, #2)

Author: EroticMarie

Status: Writing

Update: 29-08-2023

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"The Caregiver and the Mob Boss (pt.2)"

Avelina has always cared for those who can't care for themselves. With a baby on the way, and a man who can't stand her, she has to still find a way to put herself first.

Adrik cares for Avelina. Avelina cares for Adrik. Caring was never enough for either of them.

With unexpected twists, unwanted family reunions, and secrets that keep Avelina and Adrik far apart; it's almost impossible for them to be together.

The true test is whether or not their love will be enough to keep them together.

Cover by @eroticcinderella