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Author: BestWishes1986

Status: Writing

Update: 05-01-2022

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18+ only for violence and sexual situations

An unlikely friendship between a gay cafe owner and a homophobic businessman. As the two begin to know one another a mutual attraction grows between them. But the two don't know each other and what the other is capable of.

Felipe, a out and proud mix of Spanish and Pinoy blood owns a bookstore/ Cafe. When not making the best latte in Avalon he is the therapist for his love sick customers. Hearing and supporting them in their quests for love while wishing he had one of his own.

In walks Calvin, an overwhelmed businessman who has captured Felipe's eyes and heart without knowing it. He has his own misgivings about Gay people and is homophobic but for some reason he keeps catching Felipe gazing at him and it fills him with a sense of pride and excitement.