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His Willow

Author: Mari_Kerry

Status: Writing

Update: 12-11-2020

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A young girl brought into the world by two people that should never have been created.

They were abusive

They were toxic.

And they took it out on their own child.

One faithful day, the young Willow escaped the only two people she knew and fled for her life, wanting to build a new one for herself.

With nowhere to go, she came across an alluring opening to a forest nearby her house; it was calling to her, inviting her inside.

With no other options, Willow trusted her gut and entered the woods, only for her life to change drastically as she stepped through the opening, sealing her fate and entering a new life she would have never thought existed.

She wasn't alone in those woods; something was out there.

That someone would be her saviour.

Her mate.